Founded in 1837 in the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris, Hermès boasts a thoroughly Parisian pedigree and remains one of the pillars of French fashion. Hermès products continue to be crafted primarily in France and maintain a reputation for flawless quality and immortal style. 

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The brand's offerings have passed from prized equestrian harnesses and bridles in the 19th century to designer accessories, handbags, and today's seemingly unlimited selection of Hermès luxury goods, with a few essential pieces standing out as designer favorites. The classic Hermès scarf is for many the holy grail of investment pieces, a gorgeous symbol of enduring French style as well as a nostalgic souvenir of Parisian escapades. A favorite among royalty, the designer carré has been sported by Queen Elizabeth II, her sister Princess Margaret, and Princess Grace of Monaco. The latter is also the namesake of the equally elegant "Kelly" bag, made famous in the 1950s and rivalled only by the iconic "Birkin" bag, which may be the most well known designer handbag in history. Given the lasting quality and high class cachet associated with any Hermès item, it is hardly surprising that the designer has been first choice for fashion icons throughout the twentieth century. The house's commitment to time-honored haute couture techniques and impeccable materials indicate that its reputation for excellence is likely to last and that fabulous Hermès products will continue to delight customers for many years to come.