Thanks to its exceptional craftsmanship, LOEWE is one of the most distinguished labels. Founded in 1846 in Madrid, the Spanish luxury house initially only specialized in leather bags. It was not until 1965 that the brand debuted its first ready-to-wear collections. While LOEWE has branched out from leather goods with great success, the house’s most beloved designs remain bags – think Amazona bag, Flamenco bag, and newer icons such as the Barcelona bag, Puzzle bag, and Hammock bag.

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More about Loewe

When the one and only Jonathan Anderson was appointed Creative Director in 2013, Loewe turned a new leaf. Anderson wanted to turn the traditional brand into a modern one. So, his first order of business was to reimagine its aesthetic and create a new bold graphic identity. Remaining faithful to its heritage, the new identity included a facelift of the Anagram. The Anagram we all know – and love – dates back to 1970. Designed by Vicente Vela, the original Anagram consisted of four intertwined Ls, while the new one consists of four separate Ls. The new Anagram has a lightness to it, giving it a more contemporary feel. Stamped on LOEWE’s leather goods ever since 1970, the Anagram is synonymous with artisan excellence and quality.

Experimenting with geometry, materials, and colors, the unexpected is to be expected. From the limited edition Disney Dumbo collection to the collaborations with the iconic ‘70s boutique, Paula’s Ibiza, Anderson has injected a dose of playfulness into the label while still honoring its heritage.

Embodying timeless yet youthful sensibilities, LOEWE holds a special place in our hearts – as it should in your closet too