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We previously tackled office-wear through our breakdown of iconic movies here, this time we are going to prepare you to dress to the nines in every possible scenario, from casual to business-formal.


The Interview

You may have asked yourself the question “What should I wear to an interview?” countless times by now – to some a firm handshake or a confident attitude are key to landing the job but for us, an argument can be made for the power of a great outfit.

When making the first impression, it's important to err on the side of professional, but how do you stand out in the sea of other smartly dressed candidates? Just bring a touch of your personal style to the look – this can be a pop of color, an ornate vintage brooch or a fun bag!

Start building your outfit using reliable basics – chances are you already have them in your closet. Think crisp button-ups,elegant trousers and top off the look with a blazer – this is where you could add a signature pattern or color to make the look more interesting, and last but not least, a good-luck charm like your favorite bracelet or pair of earrings.

Another must is making sure your clothes are pressed and wrinkle-free,nothing ruins a good outfit or first impression quicker than a lack of preparation.

The Big Presentation

Let's say you just added an important meeting with your boss to the agenda, or maybe you were handed the reins for a huge presentation next week? 

Don’t fret – because we’ve got just the right pieces to make sure you shine on your big day!

Obviously your outfit shouldn’t overpower the room and take away from your work, but it's a foolproof first step into helping you feel confident.

A full monochromatic look is the perfect choice if you’re looking to make a statement, you could go the safe route and do a black or white co-ord,but where’s the fun in that? We suggest choosing something that suits your skin tone and accentuates your features, a good choice might be one of the trending colors of the year like red or pink or perhaps a more subdued shade like lavender. 

If going bold in a full red look feels a little out of your comfort zone,you can’t go wrong by borrowing from menswear and opting for a classic suit.

This past year we can safely say the oversized blazer is back  – bigger and better than ever thanks to Saint Laurent and Balenciaga’s 2023 ready-to-wear fall collections. 

Not that this style ever went out of fashion, but there is some nostalgia for the Working Girl, 80s era power-suit going around that we will happily indulge.

For the finishing touch we can’t forget the importance of punctuality!

If you have to check a watch all day, it's best to invest in one that marries functionality and style.We have a whole guide on how to pick the best timepiece here, but you can never go wrong with a statement like Rolex or perhaps a more dainty, feminine choice like Cartier or Gucci.

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Casual Friday 

It's almost the weekend, you’ve met all your deadlines, it's time to take a breather. Some offices might have a stricter dress code than others so don’t take casual Friday as a sign to wear your favorite hoodie and some dad jeans. It's best to still keep things polished but feel free to really let your personal style shine here, whatever that means for you.

We can’t think of a better way to finish off the week than by taking your favorite statement or print dress for a spin around the office. It might be a little biased but we think that Scandi designers like Ganni and Stine Goya have perfected the bold, knee-length dress formula, plus a unique piece might prove to be a great conversation starter!

As for shoes, this is your chance to skip on the uncomfortable stiletto and turn to your more comfortable choices. If your office dress code is super casual maybe you can even get away with some fashionable sneakers, in which case keep the rest of your ensemble sharper.

Friday could also be a chance to change up your usual workday bag, a less traditional option could be a stylish backpack.There are options that are both aesthetically pleasing and great for making your commute to the office handsfree, whether you are cycling a la Copenhagen style or driving.

Written by Leonarda Babic
Leonarda Babic is a fashion writer based in Copenhagen
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