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The exotic 

Exotic animal prints can be quite out there if you’re not used to dressing with colors or print. If you want to stick to a monochrome look, you can opt for zebra. The black and white print will fit in easily with a monochrome wardrobe but will absolutely add a sense of fun. 

Depending on how into the animal print trend you are, you can start out small with printed accessories – like a clutch – or you can go big with a pair of heels or a coat!

Trending: Animal Print

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  • Animal print Wool Aquazzura Heels


    Animal print Wool Aquazzura Heels

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    Multicolor Leather Christian Louboutin Heels

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  • Multicolor Cotton Nanushka Sweater


    Multicolor Cotton Nanushka Sweater

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  • Multicolor Polyester Erdem Skirt


    Multicolor Polyester Erdem Skirt

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Tiger and leopard print might make some people look back in time and cringe a little bit – but the animal prints have evolved and look chicer than ever! Both prints have a brown base with black markings on it, so just like zebra print, leopard and tiger print will work well with a monochrome wardrobe as well as a colorful one. You can mix and match print and colorful accessories for a fun vibe. Both prints can also be toned down or up depending on the occasion. 

The most popular style when it comes to these prints is a jacket or a coat. This is of course only a viable styling choice if you’re willing to turn heads when walking down the street. If you want to take it slow and dabble in the trend instead, we suggest you start out with a small bag, perhaps a scarf or even a top. This way you can slowly incorporate the trend into your wardrobe until you’re ready to take the plunge.

If you like the animal print trend but want to take it really slow, you can always opt for bags or shoes in snake skin. This is a great way to incorporate the trend without making a big fuss out of it. 

The domestic 

Some domestic animals also have some great prints! Cow print is, just like zebra print, great for a monochrome look but can also bring something completely different to a look. Zebra print is always black and white whereas cow print can look many different ways and be both white, black and different shades of brown.


Source: The Vintage Bar.

Just like with snake skin, you can also opt for bags, accessories or shows in horse hair if you want to partake in the trend but fly under the radar at the same time. The most important thing when shopping for animal print pieces is to always go for the good quality materials – this way you avoid looking tacky and you won’t remind everyone of the terrible style choices we all made in the early 2000s.

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